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An innovative business website is an innovative business website, a portal that promotes and provides information about rental services. The website deals with many kinds of services including land, room apartment, and all the properties across the Nepal.

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Nepalese born people famous in world but not in Nepal

Here is a some List who are famous in outside of Nepal but not in Nepal

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Sushil will become PM: Sujata

Sushil Koirala Said: "There is no space for arrogance based on the poll result. Constitution will not be promulgated without consensus among the parties"

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Election Date:- Nov 19,2013
Total Party:- 122
Total Constituencies:- 240
Total Polling Station:- 1456
Total CA Candidate:- 16,915
Total Voters:- 12147865
Total Male Voters:- 5980881
Total Female Voters:- 6166984