5 Reason to make Gagan Thapa as Prime Minister

In Social Networking and to youth Gagan is Popular. There is many reason to choose and give him opportunity to lead Nepal.

Here is some Reason we are pointing.


A youth can change the nation. In every nation youth play a vital role. He is one leading youth ability to lead.

Education and Leadership:

Gagan is well educated person from Nepal. He completed his Master's degree as well as he has ability to lead. He has shown his ability as leadership.


He was also the former member of the constituent assembly (2008–12) He was in the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principle of the Constituent Assembly and the Natural Resources and Means committee of the Legislative Parliament.


Gagan is also an entrepreneur engaged in agriculture business in Nepal and a philanthropist.

Support and popularity:

Support of gagan and his popularity among public from every party was awesome. Not only from Nepali Congress from other party supporter and public are supporting to give opportunity to lead nation by a youth like a Gagan Thapa.

What you say?

Can Gagan Lead as a PM of Nepal?

Is Gagan is eligible for PM of Nepal?

Will other party support him as a PM of Nepal?

Send Us yout opinion.

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