Can Gagan Thapa be New Prime Minister.

Gagan Thapa Nepalese politician from Nepali Congress.Gagan is the central committee member of the Nepali Congress. He was also the former member of the constituent assembly (2008–12). He is popular in youth of Nepal.

He was in the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principle of the Constituent Assembly and the Natural Resources and Means committee of the Legislative Parliament.

He is one of the highly praised political leader among Nepalese youths. He was selected for second Nepalese Constituent assembly election 2069(2013).

Some Fact of Gagan Thapa (Youth Leader)

Date of Birth: 2033 B.S

Partner()s : Anjana KC Thapa (2008-present)

Education: Master Degree

Politicial Party: Nepali Congress

CA Member: 2008 - 2012 and also selected in second Election

Gagan is also a Enterprenure. He engaged in agri business in Nepal and a Philanthropist

Many Youth want to see him as a New Prime Minister of Nepal. Send us some reason why to choose Gagan as New Prime Minister of Nepal?.


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