Candidate who win 5 times continuously

Four political leader won election after 2048 BS. This is a record of winning by democratic competition.

This is a list of candidate who won 5 times.

Ramchandra Poudel (Nepali Congress)

He had won 5 times from Tanahu

2048 Tanahu-1

2051, 2056, 2064, 2070 Tanahu-6


Sher Bahadur Deuba (Nepali Congress)

Deuba had won from his home district in all election as well 2070 CA election too.

2048, 2051, 2056, 2064, 2070 Dadeldhura.

He won from Kanchanpur-4 too in 2064

He won from Kailali-6 in 2064


Bijaya Kumar Gachaddar (Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum Democratic)

He won when he was in Congress from begining but he won now from his own new party Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum Democratic.

He won from sunsari in 2048, 2051, 2056 (When he was in Nepali Congress)

He won from Sunsari-3 and Morang-7 when he wa in Forum Nepal

But now he won inSunsari-3 but was defeated in Morang-7 by Shekhar Koirala.


Narayanman Bijugche (Ne. Ma.Ki.Pa)  Nepal Workers Peasants Party

He won Continuously in Bhaktapur-1 from the begining.


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