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Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum

Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum, Nepal is also known as the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum, Nepal. It is a political party in Nepal which was not registered long ago. At the beginning of the political struggles of the country, there was not a party as such.Leading Nepal to be a federal republic and election system which is based on proportional representation.

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Nepali Congress

Nepali Congress is a political party of Nepal. The party is reform-oriented centrist party which was formed in 1947 as the Nepali National Congress. This party stands as the party to secure a majority to form a government in the first democratic election held in Nepal.

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Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist)

It is the Unified Marxist-Leninist. With a large number of members, the party is one of the largest existing communist parties of Nepal. This communist party was formed in the year 1991 on January 6.

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Dissatisfied 33 parties to knock Prez door

After the failure to forge an agreement with the High Level Political Committee ( HLPC ), the 33 disgruntled parties led by CPN-Maoist has decided to urge the President to play the role of facilitator.

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Political Party Agreed on roundtable conference

The high-level political committee (HLPC) and the 33-party alliance led by Mohan Baidya's CPN-Maoist have agreed, in principle, to hold a "roundtable conference" to reach a political agreement.

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Prachanda realize he did mistake

Prachanda realize he did mistake, Prachanda said like this in Janakpurdham in a program operated by ABC Channel.

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