Everest Climbing

Nepal is famous all over the world as the home to the highest peak in the world – Mt. Everest. Mt Everest that lies 8848 meters above the sea level, is the highest peak of the world and people from all over the world come here for the expedition of the great Everest. Therefore, it is also one of the most famous trekking trails in the world. Everest Camp Trek and other treks that are around the trails nearby the Everest are passed every year by hundreds of national and international tourists. While on the expedition to Everest, tourist can see beautiful mountains that are around the Everest itself. The trekking route of Everest also offers views of flora and fauna that are only found in Nepal, different types of local lifestyle, their cultures, traditions and religion along with different forms of temples, Gumbas and monasteries. While on the way to Everest, trekkers view mountains like Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse, and other six tallest peaks of the world which are in the same region.

The trail to Mt. Everest can be risky and very difficult. If mountaineers are inexperienced then they should be more careful. Every trekker on this trekking trail should be prepared for the unexpected and the worst case scenario that could be life threatening at some point too. Numbers of deaths are reported every year on Everest expeditions. The reasons are pretty similar and common in this region.

The problems that one can face during Everest Climbing are:

  • Frostbite
  • Snow Blindness
  • Hypothermia
  • Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)
  • Snow storm

These are some common problems that are seen in this Everest trekking expedition. If you are one of those trekkers who have issues breathing at a different altitude, it is required that you carry oxygen cylinder with you. You can find porters who will carry that for you. There are deaths reports of deaths are caused by lack of oxygen at higher altitude.

The cost of Climbing Mount Everest under guided supervision can be quite expensive. Varying on which and what type of tourist guides or trekking company you get along with will determine your total cost. If you choose to go on your own it could vary from a few thousand USD to $6,000 and if you go on a complete expedition then it could vary from $30k to $100k. these charge includes you travel expenses within the country, the charge of flights, the food, your gears to the mountain, fees for the guide, charge of climbing the Everest along with the training you will need to climb the Everest. You can get trainings from different organizations that are affiliated to tourism and Everest expeditions in the country.


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