Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum

Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum, Nepal is also known as the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum, Nepal. It is a political party in Nepal which was not registered long ago. At the beginning of the political struggles of the country, there was not a party as such. The party was established before the Constituent Assembly Election of 2008 in the Election Commission of Nepal This political party has marked a spot in the political status of the country after the ethnic self determination rights which were preceded by the advocacy movement. The party played an essential role in the federalism issues that revoked many other parties’ conscience in this regard. They also came with the proposals such as leading Nepal to be a federal republic and election system which is based on proportional representation.

The vice chairmen of Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum Bhagyanath Gupta, Ram Kumar Sharma, Kishor Kumar Bishwash and Jitendra Sonal were discarded from the party that led to the breakdown of the party. The party split after the chairmen were expelled. The 22 point agreement of the government was refused by the chairmen who asked for a completely proportional election system and also demanded for the country to be declared a republic before the elections were held. Another major demand was Hindi to be regarded as co-national language of Nepal along with Nepali. These chairmen started another party Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Madhesh soon after they left the original party.

The president of the party is Upendra Yadav. The party runs on the ideology of federalism and rights for Madhesi people. Also, they have put forward the ideas of social democracy during their years in the politics of the country. They are also the supporters of Madhesh autonomy and self-determination. Ram Chandra Poudel, Peace and Reconstruction Minister led the government talks team which sent an invitation to MJF party, the party put forward conditions to be a part of the team. They forwarded two conditions which were security guarantee in Madhes region of Nepal and the suspension of the delimitation of the then election constituencies. The MJF party has made news highlights for many such demands in favor of the people of the madhes region. They have also organized bandh in different parts of the country that led to transports disruptions in districts like Sunsari, Bara, Sarlahi, Dhanusha, Saptari, Parsa, Morang and Mahottari. The strikes also have affected lives of the people living in other corners of the country.


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