Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party

Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party or the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party is a political party of Nepal. It is one of the communist parties in the country. The party was found on January 23, 1975. It was found to fight for rights of the working class and their equality in the nation. The party has a limited presence in other parts as compared to Bhaktapur area where the party holds a great statue. Narayn Man Bijukchhe is the president of the party and along with him the ‘Comrade Rohit NWPP’ is based in Bhaktapur. Other renowned members of the Party are Rohit and Sunil Prajapati who are also the members of the parliament of the party.

Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party is a communist party and holds great ideology in communism. The party was involved in the communist movement of Nepal where the members of the revolution fought for the rights of people. The members of this party are highly inspired by the sacrifice and struggle of communism mentioned in history. In 1999, the party received one seat out of 205 seats in the election of the parliament winning 0.6% of the total votes.

The party is a member of Seven Party Alliance which was a leader of the Loktantra Andolan of the year 2006. The NWPP has been an active member during the protests for democracy and rights of the commoners in the Loktantra Andolan. The government invited the party after the establishment of a democratic system but the party did not join the government and stayed only as a member of the a Seven Party Alliance. The Seven Party Alliance is now a Eight Party Alliance. The party is a great follower of the theories such as Leninism, Marxism and also the thoughts of Tse Tung.

The party has been working for social change and also national development from the day of its establishment. Its major focus has been the raise of working class to ruling class. They take Marxism as their guiding principle and they follow Leninism.  The party was split in 1891 which led to two parties working for the working class come into existence. One of the parties was led by Rohit which is known as NWPP and the other one is led by Hareram Sharma known as NWPO. Both the parties have a common goal of supporting and uplifting the working class. The current NWPO is the continuation of the party led by Rohit.


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