Nepal towards election:- Chairman of the interim Election Government Khil Raj Regmi

Chairman of the Interim Election Government Khil Raj Regmi has urged the general public to participate in the November 19 Constituent Assembly election without fear.

In a televised address to the nepal on Sunday, Chairman Regmi said the second CA poll of Nepal is a special opportunity given by the history to fulfill the people's desire for change. He expressed hopes that the CA will draft the new constitution as desired by the people and embark the nation on the path of transformation. 

Saying the struggle of the past generations to establish the values of democratic republic, human rights and rule of law and efforts made for Nepal's economic, social and cultural development has remained as source of inspirations for all, Regmi stressed on the need to move ahead in a united manner to take on this special responsibility to institutionalise various political achievements made so far. 

"The current government was formed with a sacred objective to conduct the CA election s which is the only way to end the transition facing the nation," Regmi said. 

He acknowledged the unprecedented support by general public, political parties, civil society, media, professional organisations and international community for the conduction of CA polls. 

He expressed his sadness over the use of violence by poll-opposing parties. He said the violent activities such as vandalism, arson and placing bombs at public places to terrorize people are inhumane and unforgiveable.

He recalled that the government had tried to reach out to various groups having different opinions to bring all sides onboard election process. 

Informing about the special security strategy adopted by the government, Regmi reiterated the government's commitment to ensure the security of everyone during the elections. 

He also thanked the general people for defying strike called by poll-opposing parties.

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