Nepalese born people famous in world but not in Nepal

Here is list of some famous people which i found in Articlebio a bio site of celeb. Some celeb are not famous in Nepal but they are famous outside of Nepal/


Here is a list you can find in Articlebio

  1. Promise Tamang: A make up artist now in USA and she is a famous in YOUtube.
  2. Kiran Chetry: She is a famous Journalist born in Nepal.
  3. Prabal Gurung: He is a famous designer.

Here is some other famous people you can find in this site.

  1. KP OLI: One Primeminister of Nepal
  2. Sushil Koirala: One Primeminister of Nepal
  3. Rajesh Hamal: A famous Actor of Nepal
  4. Shree krishna Shrestha: A famous actor of Nepal who is no more alive

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