Nepali rupee Depreciated: 1$ = Rs 102

Nepal Rupee is weak againest US dollar. It is decreasing today too. Tuesday it break all record and create a history in US Dollar. From tuesday 1$ = NRs 102. to NRs 102.6 depending on different Bank.

Since BS 1959 Exchange Rate between Nepal and India is Same so that Nepal's all Exchange rate is depend on Indian Policy. This is Because of decrement of ruppe in India. In india there is high demand of Dollar which create decrement in dollar. it is expected Nepali rupee will also decrease till few day.

Increment in Dollar price will be beneficial to foreigner who are visiting in Nepal and want to., Because of increment in price will increment there purchasing power.

But in Nepal Import is higher than Export so that overall nepal is not beneficail in any terms. 


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