Where is Mount Everest?

Mount Everest is  situated at the edge of the Tibetan Plateau which is also called as Qing Zang Gaoyuan in Tibetan Language.It is located on border of China, Tibet and Nepal. It is located in the Asian Himalayan range across Bhutan, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and India. Location of  Everest is in  solukhumbu District of Sagarmatha zone, which lies in Mahalangur Himal.  It is highest mountain in the world with a record of 8,8848m (29,028) feet. 

Mount Everest is highest and most prominene mountian of in world.
As the roof of earth from the decade climbers set his goals to climb Mt. Everest.First Climber of Everest is Tenzing Norgay of Nepal and New Zealander Sir Edmund Hilary.
They were first reach at summit on 29 May, 1953 in morning around 11:30AM.

Everest is also known by Chomolangma in Tibetan meaning of "Goddess Mother of the Snows" and in Nepal known as Sagarmatha meaning of "Mother of the Universe". Now a days Everest is known as Rooftop of the world. Name of  Everest was derived from  George Everest who is great  Trigonometric Survey person. Name was in his Respect and honor. 
Mount Everest is not the most difficult to climb even though it is tallest mountain in the world.

TO Date More Than 210 people already died trying to summit mount everest while fatality rate is only 4.3 deaths in 100 climbers which is too low in compared to Annapurna I which has fatality rate of 38%

Everest is important expeditions beginning from 1922, 23 and 1924.In 1999 dead body of George  H. L Mallory was found in mountain who died while climbing  in earlier attempt in 1924.

Everest can be climbed  from both Nepal and China but easiest way to climb is from Nepal, so Everest expedition is popular over Nepal.

In the Beginning Everest was named as Peak XV. In 1856 height of Everest was published as 8,840m . There is Different claim in the height of everest but officially height of Everest was declared as 8848m.

Everest Base camp Trekking is popular  among base camp trekking.

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