Who will win in Palpa

In Palpa there is Three Region. From the begining Palpa is known as LAL KILLA because of communiest in there. CPN(UML) is renowned in Palpa.

Palpa Region 1.

Winner from Palpa Region 1 is Dal Badhur Rana in last Election. He got 19185 Vote which is higher than second candidate Dhan Badhur Rana who got 12876 as a Nepali Congress. Third Pary was UCPN(Maoiest) who got only 128176. In This election Radhakrishna Kanel is Renowned in this Region as well as from previous data he has more chance to win this election.

Palpa Region 2.

In last Election Winner from UCPN(Maoiest) a lady Lila Kumari Bagale, but now she is not candidate and she is a part of maoiest from baidya. In This region CPN(UML) has More chance to win. Somprasad Pandey a renowned from begining and also a winner candidate in earlier election too.

Palpa Region 3

This Region is a most competative Region. Many People are talking who will be the winner. Nepali Congress, CPN(UML), UCPN(Maoiest) all are trying their best to choose winner let's see.


At Last CPN(UML) has more chance in 2 Region and third is uncertain, but election is unkown always.

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