Who will win Nepal Election and what will happen

Election is Showing this election make Nepali Congress No 1 Political Party. Communist Party (UML) will be second Largest Party and Maoiest will be third largest party. But because of samanupatik election maoist can be second largest party. 

What will Happen After Election

Nepali Congress will be Largest party so there can be a government of Nepali Congress and Communist Party (UML). There will be fourth Largest party can be a rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal.

According to Preliminary research by American and European countries for the election,  Winner of Party in Nepal will be.

Nepali Congress - 56

Communist Party (UML) - 48

Unified Communiest Party (Maoiest) - 39

Madhesi Party - 6

Unpredictable - 79


Let's see what will happen because we can't say what will happen till last data arrived.

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