Ethnic Nepal

Ethnicity is a social group of particular type of people who share a common social experience or the same root of ancestors. It is one of the most important back bones in the history and development of any country. People of one ethnicity are related in terms of their culture, festivals, myths, gods, food, dresses, language and many other things. It is a base for identifying a larger group of people, studying and identifying them which leads to unlock a series of mystery about history. From a long period of time in history, anthropologists have been studying different ethnic groups of people all around the world. Ethnicity is like a code that identifies certain type of similar products and also can provide details about them.

In the context of Nepal, there are many different ethnic groups of people; some originated from here and some that migrated in from neighboring lands through the course of history. We have people of different castes and cultures, races, customs and traditions living under the same roof of nationality. As our great king Prithivi Narayan Shah himself said, “Nepal is a colorful garden of four castes and thirty six sub castes”. This line itself elaborates the meaning of what our king had in mind. As a garden is made beautiful by the variety of different colorful flowers in it, a country which is rich in diversity of art and traditions itself is different; yet beautiful. As the famous saying about Nepal speaks for itself “Unity in diversity is our specialty”, it is the strength of Nepal.