Mothers Day

Mother’s Day in Nepal is known as Maata Tirtha Ausi. This day Nepali people pay their homage to their mother with her favorite food, clothing and other stuff.  

In Nepali Mukh Herne means "to allow someone as our relative or give respect or to recognize the achievement of or love to someone". This is the day when we recognize and pay respect to mother for her care and unconditional love to us, so we call this day the "Mother’s day" – “Aama ko Mukh Herne Din” (the literal meaning is to pay homage to Mother, the literal meaning is “to see Mother’s face”).

Story behind celebrating Mata Tirtha

Also according to another story a boy used to take his cows to graze nearby the pond. Whenever they started to eat their roti during the lunch time the roti fell in the pond. This process keep on happening for a long time the boy peeped in the pond to find what was in the pond. Surprisingly he saw his dead mother in the pond.

The boy seeing his mother did not wanted to go home without her. He insisted her to come with him. But she said she would come to visit him every year on Baishak Krishna Aushi (No-moon day of Baishakh). He agreed and went back. He started visiting his mother on same day every year. Following him other peoples did the same.

Once, a lady visiting the pond wished to see her dead mom’s image but she could not see after long wait, with frustration she jumped into the pond and died. It is said since the time the lady committed suicide in the pond, the dead people stopped being seen in the pond.