Report and Data Related to Arghakhanchi Listed below:
Region: Western Development Region (Pashchimanchal)
Zone: Lumbini
Area: 1193 Km2
Headquarter: Sandhikarka
Phone Code:077

Popluation Report of Arghakhanchi based on 2011 Census report of Nepal Government

Total Household: 46,835
Male Population: 86,266
Female Population: 111,366
Total Population: 197,632
Male/Female Ratio: 100:77

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Agrakhanchi is one of the district in Lumbini zone. It’s headquarter is Sandikharka. It is surrounded by Palpa in the east, Pyuthan in the west, Gulmi in the North and Kapilvastu in the south. The district consists of two pre-unification principalities Argha and Khanchi. Argha was the name given to ritual offerings made at the former principality's main Bhagwati temple. Khanchi may come from the word Khajanchi or tax collector since the center of the latter principality was known for its tax office. Both were two of the Chaubisi rajya (24 principalities) centered in the Gandaki Basin. In 1786 A.D. (1843 BS) during the unification of Nepal the two were annexed by Gorkha. Later the merger was renamed “Arghakhanchi” and added to Gulmi District. Arghakhanchi became a separate district in 1961 A.D. (2018 BS).