Arghakhanchi - Place

The major town in the district is Sandhikharka which is the headquarters of Arghakhanchi district in the Lumbini Zone of Nepal. It is located almost 300 km southwest of Nepal's capital of Kathmandu. Due to a high literacy rate, Sandhikharka once attracted people from outside Arghakhanchi district to Sandhikharka for its good schools. There are a large number of small villages in the district. Asurkot, Balkot, Bangi, Dharmpani, Dhikura, Dibharna, Khanchikot, Kimdanda, Kura, Phudbang, Wangla, Adguri are among the closest villages from the headquarters of the district; they are said to have good facilities in terms of roads, electric power, education etc. The birth place of Gautam Buddha is also a major place of attraction for tourists.

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