Report and Data Related to Baitadi Listed below:
Region: Far-Western Development Region (Sudur Pashchimanchal)
Zone: Mahakali
Area: 1519 Km2
Headquarter: Baitadi
Phone Code:095

Popluation Report of Baitadi based on 2011 Census report of Nepal Government

Total Household: 45,191
Male Population: 117,407
Female Population: 133,491
Total Population: 250,898
Male/Female Ratio: 100:88

Baitadi district lies in the far west of Mahakali zone, Nepal. The district, with Baitadi as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,519 kmĀ² and had a population of 234,418 in 2001 and 250,898 in 2011. The Baitadi district entails 62 Village Development Councils (VDCs) and one Municipality. Baitadi falls into the farthest western regional district of Nepal touching Jhulaghat, India to its border. This region is famous for Cricket and has won many tournaments. People here do trade and business as India is nearby. Apart from that Baitadi is also famous for agriculture and its main crops are Corn, Wheat, Maize, Millet and Rice and fruits like Oranges, Mandarin and Lemon are also grown and exported. This region is a bit under developed and not many people are literate. As a result, superstitions prevail in the society like not treating women equal to men, sacrificing animals in the name of god etc. Caste system exists even today and surprisingly, during the menstruation women are kept separate and made untouchable at some part of the Baitadi.