Report and Data Related to Dadeldhura Listed below:
Region: Far-Western Development Region (Sudur Pashchimanchal)
Zone: Mahakali
Area: 1538 Km2
Headquarter: Dadeldhura
Phone Code:096

Popluation Report of Dadeldhura based on 2011 Census report of Nepal Government

Total Household: 27,045
Male Population: 66,556
Female Population: 75,538
Total Population: 142,094
Male/Female Ratio: 100:88

Dadeldhura district lies in the far west of Mahakali zone.  This is a very unfriendly region mostly contains desert mountains and contains many local temples. This place has no major attraction sites so the number of tourists is very low. It has some local routes to Mt. kailash in Tibet.