Dhading - Geography

The district spreads from 27'40" E to 28'17" E and 80'17"N to 84'35"N.[1] The mountain range "Ganesh" is the predominate mountain range located within Dhading. Some of the peaks are over 7,000 meters. The 8,000+ meter mountain "Manaslu" is clearly visible from much of Dhading, although it is located within the bounds of Gorkha. The transnational "King Prithivi Highway" connecting Kathmandu and Pokhara runs through the southern portion of the district making for easy access too the Kathmandu valley. The road parallels the "Trishuli" River.
The western border with Gorkha is bisected by the "Budhi Gandaki" river and this river valley is a great entrance to the Himals of Gorkha (with views of the Ganesh range), not to mention one of the prettier rivers of Nepal. The towns of Salantar and Arun Ghat should get you pointed in the right direction.

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