Jhapa - Politics, Agriculture & Indust

It plays the main role in national politics. The Communist revolution was started from the Jhapa, which led to formation of one the most prominent party of nation CPN-UML. Many national political figures are from Jhapa such as R.K Mainali,K.POli, K.P Sitaula, Chakra Bastola, C.P Mainali. Recently during JanaAndolan 2063 (April Revolution) Jhapa played a significant role in the agitation against Royal takeover. Around 5 peoples were killed by the Royal Army in Bhadrapur and many more deaths were not disclosed.

Agriculture and Industry
Jhapa is also famous for microcredit development. The Small Farmer Development Programme (SFDP) was the first rural and micro-financing program in Jhapa. The Agricultural Development Bank started this Small Farmer Development Programm in 1988. It started in a few VDCs and spread. After lifted many people out of poverty, the SFDP was handed over to the local people and the new institution was named Small Farmer Cooperative Ltd (SFCL). There are currently 13 SFCLs in Jhapa, each of which covers a single VDC. It is one of the major area for the Production of Tea and Rice. Budhabare situated on the northern side of the Mahendra Highway is the most fertile land of Nepal. It is the one of the best market place fo r the rice. It is also popular for the bittle nuts (Supari). Several large Tea Estate are also located in Jhapa. GiriBandhu Tea Estate, Burne tea state, Tokla Tea Estate, Sattighatta Tea Estate are the Major ones.

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