Jhapa - Tourisim

This is one of the most important religious place of Jhapa. It is in Arjundhara VDC, 5 km north from Birtamode. It is also known as ‘Pashupatinath of the east’. In this place mela is held during BalaChaturdashi, Shivaratri, SauneSombar etc.

This is the lowest land of Nepal which is 58 meter high from the sea level. It is situated in Kechana VDC, the southern part of the district. Although it is an important place of Jhapa there is lack of publicity of this place.

Kankai Mai
Kankai is the largest river of Jhapa district. The concrete bridge in this river is the longest bridge of the country which is 703.20 meter long. People worship this river as Kankai Mai, the goddess Kankai. The western bank of this river is known as Maidhar and the eastern one is known as Kotihom. Kotihome is a beautiful area which is fulled with various Ashrams and Gardens. KankaiMela, probably the biggest mela of eastern region is held here every MagheSankranti, the first day of the tenth month Magh of Nepali calendar.

Kichchak was a monster of Mahabharata era. He was killed by Bhimsen. That is why, this place is named KichchakBadh. This place is situated in Prithvinagar VDC.

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