Lalitpur - History

Lalitpur once formed a part of Chanderi which was founded by a Bundela Raja in the 17th century. The Raja descended from Rudra Pratap of Orchha. Chanderi came under the Maratha rule in the 18th century. Chanderi was annexed by Daulat Rao Scindhia in 1811. It was taken over by British in 1844 and it became the Chanderi district of the British India. Lalitpur was made its headquarters. In 1861, Chanderi was returned to Gwalior along with Betwa. Lalitpur was a part of Jhansi from 1891 to 1974. Lalitpur became a district in 1974. The district Tikamgarh is on the north, Sagar on the south and Ashoknagar and Shivpuri districts towards the west.

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