Mugu - History

It is one of the biggest districts of Nepal. In mugu Districts, Pulu is one of the famous Village Development Committee (VDC). In this Districts there are many villages like Riusa, Mooh, Mangri, Serog, Dawra etc.
Mugu is one of the five districts of Karnali zone in Nepal’s Mid-Western Development Region. It is bordered by DOLPA district in the east; BAJURA in the west; HUMLA and Tibet of China in the north; and JUMLA and Kalikot in the south. Mugu lies between elevations of 1,201 meters to 6,817 meters above sea level. Mugu district spreads across an area of 3,103 sq km and has a population of 55,605 of which 27,331 (49.2%) are female, according to district profile (unpublished).
The population is distributed in 9,101 (89.7% are Hindu) while the balance mostly comprises of Buddhist. Chhetri (48.7%), Thakuri (16.8%) and Ethnic (9.2%) are the prevalent caste groups. 21 different languages are spoken in the district with the Nepali language being spoken by the majority of the population (90.2%).

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