Report and Data Related to Palpa Listed below:
Region: Western Development Region (Pashchimanchal)
Zone: Lumbini
Area: 1373 Km2
Headquarter: Tansen
Phone Code:075

Popluation Report of Palpa based on 2011 Census report of Nepal Government

Total Household: 59,291
Male Population: 115,840
Female Population: 145,340
Total Population: 261,180
Male/Female Ratio: 100:79

In the past Tansen was on the trade route between the plains and the hills. Tansen is between Pokhara (5 hr, 110km) and Sunauli/Bhairawa (2 hr, 55 km), just off the Siddhartha Highway, and is a pleasant place to stop on the way between the two places. It is the administrative center for the area. It is known for metalware and dhaka, the material made into the Nepali topis hats. Not many visitors come here. It is also known as Palpa and Tansing, the original Magar name. There are great views of the Madi Valley from town. There are some interesting walks in the area. It is a good two hours walk to the Kali Gandaki River and the large, deserted Ranighat Palace. From the close by hill call Srinagar Danda, there are excellent views of the Himalaya Mountains. Most of the people in Tansen are Newars who mainly migrated in the 19th century when trade opportunities opened up here. Most of the people in the surrounding area are Magars and there are also Chhetris and Bahuns.