Panchthar - History

Phidim, a picturesque valley in the foothills of Kanchanjunga, worlds third highest mountain, is a beautiful town in eastern part of the Nepal. It also serves as a district headquarters for Panchthar, one of seventy five districts of the country. The neighbour districts are Ilam, Taplejung and Terhathum.

Mechi Highway, which connects with East-West Highway in Charaali, Jhapa in southern plain, takes you to Phidim in a six hour drive through winding road. The road trip is one of the most spectacular in Nepal. One can view the snow capped mountains, hills loom in a distance.
Sighted from afar, this idyllic town nestled in terraced hills, is a heap of aluminum-roofed houses and small concrete dwellings. Two rivers--Phewa and Hewa--meander through it.
The inhabitants are Magars, Limbus, Rais, Tamangs, so-called Dalits, and Brahmin and Chhetris, making it one of the most diverse places in eastern Nepal. A visit to this place of cultural mosaic and natural beauty makes the experience exhilarating.

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