Rukum - Introduction of Rukum

Rukum district has many could-be-tourist-spots places, but due lack of information, many of them remain unexplored. One of the main place that could have been the major tourist destination is Mt. Sisne also called virgin mountain, as nobody has claimed to have conquered this mountain yet. Rukum is also called The place of ‘Baunna Pokhari Tripanna Takuri’, means the place of 52 lakes and 53 hills .Rukumkot is the most attractive tourist destination in Rukum District in Nepal. There is very beautiful Pond called Rukmini Tal (local name Kamal Dhaha) and there are a lot of mysterious caves surrounding the beautiful village Rukumkot. Among them Deurali Cave is very interesting and mysterious,is situated in eastern part of Rukumkot.It is really attractive valley having natural beauties ever.There is a beautiful Temple called Barah Temple and one more historic temple Sibalaya near by Rukmini Tal.

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