Sindhuli - Historical

This place has a huge historic significance. The Sindhuli Gadhi in Sindhuli is the place where British soldiers were defeated for the first time in Asia in 1767 A.D . The British under the leadership of Captain Kinloch came to help the then ruler of Kathmandu, Jai Prakash Malla against the attack of Prithvi Naraya Shah. The Gurkha soldiers were familiar with the terrain and they utilized it to the fullest. The British Army had advanced weaponry such as guns and cannons whereas the Gurkha were with bows and arrows, spears, etc. But the Gurkhas fought bravely and eventually defeated the British. The British ran for their lives and retreated leaving behind the weapons they brought together with them. Some of these weapons can still be found in Sindhuli Gadhi.

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