Sindhupalchok - Development

Although this district is close to Nepal's capital Kathmandu, it is one of the least developed districts in Nepal. The Arniko Highway, also called Kodari Highway, (114 km) extending from Kathmandu to Kodari links this district with Tibet. The district is mountainous and rich in natural resources.
The district is easily accessible from Kathmandu, but is not well developed. People depend entirely on agriculture for their survival. Since the district is hilly, the land is not very fertile land, and the yield is very less. So, the lifestyle of people is not easy. Almost every VDC has got electrical power and roads connecting to nearby highway. Many NGOs and INGOs are working in the district in order to improve the living standards.
Rivers like Bhotekoshi, Indrawati, Sunkoshi and Bramhayani (Balephi) flow through this district. The major towns are Chautara, Barhabise, Melamchi, Jalbire and Tatopani. Sunkoshi Hydropower station and Upper Bhotekoshi Hydropower station are popular hydropower stations connected to national grid. Meanwhile, many mini and large hydroelectricity projects are being constructed in different places. Two FM radio stations also operate from Melchaur and Barhabise.

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