Surkhet - Festival & Entertainment

The common festivals celebrated in Surkhet are Dashain and Tihar. There are many people who are migrated to other districts and countries for better education or better opportunities. But they still remember to come back to their hometown in these festivals. As there is inhabitants of different casts in Surkhet, Surkhet celebrates lots of festivals. Different groups of people celebrate their festivals in their own style.

Surkhet believes in cultural programs rather than modern fashion of entertainment but lots of things and stuffs are easily available which can contribute us in entertainment. Deuda song is one of the most popular song of Surkhet. Cinema halls (Sani Chalchitra Mandir, Laxmi Hivision hall etc.), Local pool & snooker house, pubs, Parks and most famous Chaat Street near Ghantaghar are widely accepted medium of entertainment.

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