Taplejung - Culture and Climate

Goddess of Trust and Faith
Pathibhara Devi is considered as one of the Shakti Peeths. Worshippers from different part of Nepal and India flock the temple during special occasions, as it is believed that a pilgrimage to the temple ensures fulfilment of all that the pilgrim desires. The devotee of the Pathibhara also includes the Royal family of the Nepal. The pilgrims sacrifice animals and bring gold and silver as offerings to the Pathibhara Devi.
The best time to visit is from March to June and September to November.
Major Stops on Pathibhara Cultural Trial
Suketar - Deurali about 2 km
Deurali = Ramitedanda about 1.5 km
Ramitedada - Chatedhunga about 4.5 km
Chatedunga - Bhalugauda about 2.5 km
Bhalugauda = Phedi about 3 km
Phedi - Pathibhara Devi Temple about 2 km
Small Markets in the Trial
Deurali - Tea snacks and small lodges
Bhalugauda - Tea snacks and small lodges
Phedi - Tea snacks and Dharmasalas (moderate lodge for pilgrims)
Pathibhara Devi Temple - Dharmasala
Limbu Culture
The Pathibhara and Limbu Cultural Trial, the main route of the Kanchanjunga trek, provides an experience of the Limbu culture of the Nepalese Himalayas. For visitors other than pilgrims, Limbu Cultural Trek is equally enthralling. A week-long Limbu Cultural Trek, passing through traditional villages like Phurunga(or Phurumbu), Limkhim, Khewang, Tellok, PhawaKhola and Mamankhe can be a visit worth remembering.
Other major attractions
Pilgrims can also visit monasteries situated in Olangchungola and Lungchung. The waterfall at Sawa an dthe pond of Timbung , during autumn and spring are worth visiting every year. The forest ecosystem along the trial offers diversity of wildlife, birds , flowers and butterflies. The whole of Kanchenjunga range can be seen in this trek.
There are two ways to go to Taplejung. one is taking a flight to Suketar. but, it is seasonal. the flights are closed during Mansoon. as the smaller aircrafts with 10/15 capacity make flights, normally packed. the other way of going to Taplejung is by road. theMechi Highway from Charali on East West highway to Illam-Phidim - Taplejung is metalled only uptoPhidim and there onwards is gravel. TheKoshi Highway from Dharan- Dhankuta- Basantapur is again metalled only uptoHile. however, Mechi Highway reaches to the district headquarters and if you take Koshi Highway, then have to trek from Basantapur. treking from Basantapur along the beautiful mountains full of varieties of vegetations, flora and fauna is definitely exicting and enjoyable. there are plenty of places on the way for simple lodging and fooding. best seasons to visit taplejung is during autumn and spring.
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