Taplejung - Pathibhara Devi Temple

Pathibhara Devi Temple
One of the major attractions is the Pathibhara Devi Temple. This little known region attracts tourists seeking spiritual fulfilment and blessings from the powerful Pathibhara Devi. Hindus as well as Buddhists reach the temple for celebrations during special occasions. The trek to Pathibhara Devi (3794 m) combined with the natural and cultural experiences of the region make the visit a unique exhilarating experience. It takes a day to reach the temple on foot from Taplejung Bazaar. On the way to the temple one can find many species of rhododendron.

Beautiful Taplejung or Fungling Bazaar      
Taplejung Bazar is located on the edge of th e mid-land and is situated on hillock of 1850 meter high from the mean sea level and it takes 5 to 6 days to walk on foot to reach Taplejung from Dharan Bazar located in the eastern Terai region of Nepal. Near Taplejung one can enjoy the beauty of lake called Jimiri. From Taplejung after replenishing the food stuff one can follow Tamur river crossing either banks for many times for days together in 50 kms long walk. After Badanda there is no village before Wolangchunggola. If one is interested with snow glacier he can try to go to last village Yagma i.e. 18 kms. Form there the northern face of Kanchenjunga is seen. From Yagma visitors can come back 18 kmssouth and reach Ghunsa and then 18 kms which is right at the base of Kanchenjunga. In the trek trekkers can engjoy the nature and it will take approximately one month from pashupati to back to Kathmandu by Plane.
 If visitors or trekkers want to go westerly direction then again from Taplejung one can go along the bank of Mewa river and then Dongen village and follow Topkegola (40 kms.) there can see glacial lakes: Tin pokhari and Lam Pokhari. If it is summer one can try to come to Chainpur i.e. 45 kms after walking in wilderness.
Chianpur is beautiful place. After taking rest travelers can walk 12 kms and take the plane to Kathmandu from Tumlingtar. From Tumlingtar also following the western bank and going to Dingla and one can go to Jalang the last village following practically Arun river. On the trail many places will come like Mangtewa, Sedua, Sampung, Hatia, Chepuaect.FromBiratnager also one can go via Tribenighat and Bhojpur and Dingle i.e. 75 kms walk and nearly 45 kms drive to Dharan and then Chatra.
If visitor is not interested to go to high altitude then Biratnagar to Dharan and Dhankuta 18 kms, Hile, 3 kms and following along then Arun river partly to Chainpur and then to fly back from the Tumlingtar.


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